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Treatment Of Depression Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And...

Introduction In Exploring Psychology, Myers states that â€Å"depression is one of two disorders found worldwide† (521). On account of this fact, research and treatment of depression is widely studied. One of the biggest questions one must ask when it comes to treatment of depression, though, is what will actually benefit a person? The most popular ways to treat depression are cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacotherapy; both are very different, but may have similar effects. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on disputing negative thoughts, whereas pharmacotherapy (PT) uses medication. Being that CBT does not include medication, there are some perks to its use. Moghaddam, et al. point out in their study that after discontinuation of treatment, CBT patients’ behavior doesn’t really change (561). Medication doesn’t have the same carry-over effects as a changed mind. Moghaddam, et al.’s study compared the treatment of a nxiety and depression using either CBT or PT. They found that patients with depression showed similar results with both treatments (564). Kocsis compared results from studies dealing with pharmacotherapy and did a meta-analysis. He found that in short term trials, PT was rather effective for different depressive states. He also found that full remission was much less than 50%. When looking at longer term studies, he discovered that certain medications were still more effective than placebos (890). AntidepressantShow MoreRelatedCognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing And Pharmacotherapy1307 Words   |  6 PagesGAD can feel a strong lack of compassion in regards to their experiences and self processing. This essay will be discussing three different kinds of treatment for GAD. Cognitive behavioural therapy, Motivational interviewing and pharmacotherapy. This essay will be comparing the three treatments, with the expectation off Cognitive behavioural therapy leading in regards to its effectiveness treating GAD. Duloxetine was shown to be efficient at improving the symptoms of GAD, in comparison to the placeboRead MoreDifferent Treatments Of Depression / Anxiety And Their Effectiveness1622 Words   |  7 PagesDifferent Treatments of Depression/Anxiety and their Effectiveness For years, the ideal treatment of depression/anxiety has been pretty much up in the air with literature that shows mixed results for responses to various treatments. Pharmacotherapy or treatment via medicine, and psychotherapy treatment via talk therapy are the two types paths for those with a diagnosis of depression/anxiety that will be considered. Depression is a disorder that globally effects more than 350 million people todayRead MoreAdjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood Essay1323 Words   |  6 Pagesand treatment approaches. Not all individuals manifest or demonstrate the same depressive symptoms, which can make it difficult for clinicians to diagnose and treat. The American Psychiatric Association has categorized various depressive disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders fourth edition (DSM-IV, 1994). Researchers have investigated the validity of the DSM diagnostic criteria over the years, and have studied various treatment approaches. T he treatment approachRead MoreDepression And Its Effects On Depression1531 Words   |  7 Pagesknown as depression. Depression causes a deep sadness to a person and can have major effects on a human being’s life. As humans know life is sacred and no one wants to live life in a depressed state. In some cases depression can be repressed and even cured. Certain treatments like therapy and antidepressants are viable solutions for depression. About nine percent of Americans suffer from some form of depression. The different types of depressions include: dysthymia, postpartum depression, seasonalRead MoreBipolar Disorder Essay1456 Words   |  6 PagesThere are many factors that influence the treatment outcomes of individuals experiencing bipolar disorder. Demographic variables such as gender, socioeconomic status, and ex-offender status may have an impact on an individual’s overall perspective towards mental health, thus affecting the willingness to seek treatment and ov erall outcomes. Recent research examined the relationship between gender differences and counseling outcomes and found both genders responded positively to psychotherapy (WatsonRead MoreDepression And Its Effects On Adolescents1328 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom this disease. Depression affects people without regard to gender, age, or background. â€Å"Depression is a common but serious mood disorder. Depression can cause changes in how you feel, think, and manage daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working. To be diagnosed with depression, the symptoms must be present for at least two weeks† (NIMH  » Depression, 1). â€Å"Major depression is a common mental disorder affecting adolescents in the United States† (NIMH  » Major Depression Among AdolescentsRead MoreCognitive Behavioral Therapy ( Cbt ) Essay935 Words   |  4 PagesCognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic approach that is based on a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapy. CBT focuses on how a person’s distorted thought process and inaccurate belief system influences their mood and behaviors. Once it can be identified, the blended therapy aims to change a person’s thinking to be more adaptive and healthy, which will lead to change unhealthy behavior patterns (National Institute of Mental Health, 2015). This type of psychotherapy has beenRead MoreDepression Treatments1690 Words   |  7 PagesCONTEXT Depression is a psychological disease. It is one of the most common mental illnesses (Blais, et al., 2013). Depression was known since antiquity. Hippocrates diagnosed it in fourth century BC (McNamara and Horan, 1986). After World War II, depression was described as â€Å"aggression turned inward† (McNamara Horan, 1986). Now there is Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, which is designed to evaluate how severe is depression (Gibbons et al., 2012). Depression is known worldwide. In EuropeanRead MoreTreatment Of Schizophrenia And Generalized Anxiety Disorder1427 Words   |  6 Pagespatients include depression, schizophrenia and generalized anxiety disorder. The psychiatric disorders may be caused by both genetic and environmental factors. All these disorders of the mind greatly affect the quality of life of the sufferers. Depression may affect any individual at any stage of life and the symptoms include lack of interest and generalized low moods. The treatment for depression includes psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy and an unpopular method; electroconvulsive therapy when the diseaseRead MoreComparing the Efficacy of Cognitive Therapy and Antidepressant Medication in the Treatment of Depression1249 Words   |  5 Pageseffective treatment method. Extensive research has been conducted on the efficacy of antidepressant medication and cognitive therapy, the two main treatment methods used for depression today. The discussion has, h owever, been characterized by conflicting claims, resulting in a debate over what should be used rather than us having definite conclusion of how patients are best helped. The extensive research of Elkin et al (1989) concluded that cognitive therapy was not an effective treatment method for

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